Luxury Shoes E-Commerce Work

See how we helped launch a luxury shoe brand's online presence. With social media and content creation based on growing their organic traffic without a single paid ad, we followed through on our goals.


2/7/20231 min read

Using platforms such as Screaming Frog, SEMrush, Keyword Planner, and more we found potential keywords that would lead to growth for their site without using paid ads. The next step included a majority of their articles written by Justin following industry-leading practices to grow traffic to their site. With content relevant to their target market we were able to write content that successfully led to more pageviews and subscribers than before!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Beginning in May 2022 J Parker Digitial created content for this up-and-coming luxury shoe brand as they prepared to launch in Spring 2023.

They were looking to grow organically for their luxury online brands so we helped them create beautiful, informative content to increase brand awareness.

Designing posts that engaged users interested in the shoe designer's unique values, mission, and product was our goal.

Bringing together Italian and Japanese culture was one of the largest parts of this process.

Deciding how to caption and promote the shoes that they were designing was another piece of the puzzle. We also promoted content on the blog to claim their spot as thought leaders in the fashion and design world.

While working with this luxury online shop, we helped them created a positioning across multiple platforms.

Social Media Growth

Starting From The Bottom

We also created hundreds of social media posts for their Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts to grow organic followings.

This brand image allowed us to successfully create PR campaigns revolving around the shoes and made outreaching for potential interviews and user-generated content much easier for the brand.