Mcnulty Chiropractic Work

One of our clients has taken on a huge number of new patients since our complete rebrand. See how we improved their overarching brand across all channels including their name, logo, and brand values.


1/16/20231 min read

Our journey began with a sit-down to discuss pain points as well as the marketing successes they have had. Through this process, we determined that their current name, "Back and Body Health Center" and that they were also branding under "Dr. Tom McNulty" was not providing their customers a cohesive brand image to understand and keep in mind when it came to health and chiropractic needs.

The beginning of our process started with determining how J Parker Digital could help. This led to us deciding that a complete rebrand was necessary. With the logo being very outdated and as well as the naming used for the practice we knew exactly how to help. See below how we transformed what their customers would see them as going forward.

to this

From this

"Justin helped us reach a new level of branding that has already helped our business grow."

- Thomas McNulty

This new branding across all of their print and digital materials, allowed their customers to feel the loving family environment that they have provided to their clients for over 25 years.

We are still in the process of helping them discover the strategies that will work best for their business. Stay tuned to see how we help them grow their business further.

Initial Meeting That Led To Rebranding